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Honestly, I am working really really hard

Nip over to girlsheartbooks to find out about some strange goings on in deeeeeepest Devon where I’m hiding out dancing, ahem, sorry, I mean slaving over the manuscript of my new book.

Happy New Knickers!

Deepest kind of sigh. The post I wrote for girlsheartbooks on 8th January is the perfect example of why I need to wear a clock in my knickers because it is now 29th January and I’ve only just got around to adding the post here – that… is… sloooooooow!

Just crawled out of my beanbag to natter about my buttocks!

Hellooooo everyone. Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My heartfelt apologies, but I have been deep in my beanbag working on the next book, ‘What Not to Do in the Dark’ so have had the internet turned off. Anyway, I have emerged today to natter on about my bum on the authors’ blog¬†Girls Heart…
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