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Honestly, I am working really really hard

Nip over to girlsheartbooks to find out about some strange goings on in deeeeeepest Devon where I’m hiding out dancing, ahem, sorry, I mean slaving over the manuscript of my new book.

Happy New Knickers!

I’m mewing (and definitely barking) today

Some very strange, furry things are going on today over at Girls Heart Books….

I’ve been talking tapirs with The Awkward Donkey!

Thank you,  Amy-Anne at the fab new blog, Life of An Awkward Donkey, for this really lovely review of How to Keep a Boy as a Pet rounding off three whole days of posts all about, ahem, me! Feeling very spoilt. This book was brilliant. It was funnier than Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, more…
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Oh it was lovely hanging out in the turret!

The signing at Waterstones Gower Street was what Circe Shaw might call ‘rampantly gothic’.  Full of long-dark-haired ladies (okay, mine’s not strictly natural, hair colour has a tendency to change with the season as you’ll have noticed from my tangerine-headed profile pic), creaking floorboards and spooky corners – oh and a ghost, perfect! Thank you…
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Go Donny go! Dance along, I dare you…

I’ll be on Croydon Radio live and uncut tomorrow morning (Saturday 4th August) at 11am. Apologies in advance for any babbling, it’s my first ever radio interview and I’m not very good at short answers! Anyway, woo, I get to pick three How to Keep a Boy as a Pet-related tracks to play during the…
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Never bopped around a biro?

Well now’s your chance, I’ll be shimmying (or at least signing) live around mine this Saturday 4th August at Waterstones Croydon, find out more at the Electric Monkey website…

The story behind the story

Choosing YA asked me about the inspiration for How to Keep a Boy as a Pet… From Choosing YA Books, May 4, 2012 THE STORY BEHIND MY STORY Hello Lucy, and everyone who loves to read YA. I’m delighted to be popping in on day here of my blog tour.Right, now big deep breath, as…
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