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Happy New Knickers!

Just crawled out of my beanbag to natter about my buttocks!

Hellooooo everyone. Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My heartfelt apologies, but I have been deep in my beanbag working on the next book, ‘What Not to Do in the Dark’ so have had the internet turned off. Anyway, I have emerged today to natter on about my bum on the authors’ blog Girls Heart…
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The story behind the story

Blog tour: day five, Choose YA

Choosing YA asked me about the inspiration for How to Keep a Boy as a Pet… From Choosing YA Books, May 4, 2012 THE STORY BEHIND MY STORY Hello Lucy, and everyone who loves to read YA. I’m delighted to be popping in on day here of my blog tour.Right, now big deep breath, as…
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Flashing my bums today!

Blog tour: day four, Nocturnal Reader

Oh, Tarquintius… What I wish I’d known at 15… ‘First, thank you Nocturnal Reader – it’s an honour to be your very first blog tour ‘act’! *takes shy bow* Second, hmm… What do I wish I’d known at 15? It’s a tricky question to answer, to be honest.  It’s so easy to look back and say, oh…
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An entirely blank brain…

Blog tour: day three, Librarymice

You know that feeling you get when you’ve dozed through 50 minutes of maths then suddenly the teacher shouts… ‘YOU! Square route of 4,000,389.24 – NOW!’  Yes? Well I just felt exactly like that…

Boy mistake no.304a

Blog tour: day two, Bookbabblers

Not my proudest romantic moment…

Swooning all over again

Blog tour: day one, Chicklish

Hitting the virtual road

But where's my roadie?

Okay, I’ve ordered a new brain cell to help me master the art of blogging here, while I wait for it to be delivered, I’m off on a virtual tour. I’ve asked my lovely publisher to send over a big, hairy roadie in a Viking helmet to heft around all my pens and cake, but…
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